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Improvements in fuel cell designImprovements in fuel cell design

Rediscovering Venus to find faraway earths

Archaeologists discover bronze remains of Iron Age chariot

Researchers resolve the Karakoram glacier anomaly, a cold case of climate science

Fish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fishFish tale: New study evaluates antibiotic content in farm-raised fish

New 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiencyNew 3-D display technology promises greater energy efficiency

Researchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiberResearchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiber

Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways

Structure of an iron-transport protein revealedStructure of an iron-transport protein revealed

First step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagusFirst step: From human cells to tissue-engineered esophagus

Lift weights, improve your memory

Spiders: Survival of the fittest group

Autophagy helps fast track stem cell activationAutophagy helps fast track stem cell activation

Myelin vital for learning new practical skillsMyelin vital for learning new practical skills

More physical activity improved school performanceMore physical activity improved school performance

Around the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red foxAround the world in 400,000 years: The journey of the red fox

Engineering new vehicle powertrainsEngineering new vehicle powertrains

Active aging is much more than exerciseActive aging is much more than exercise

Study: New device can slow, reverse heart failureStudy: New device can slow, reverse heart failure

Are the world's religions ready for ET?Are the world's religions ready for ET?

Gut bacteria, artificial sweeteners and glucose intoleranceGut bacteria, artificial sweeteners and glucose intolerance

Recreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networksRecreating the stripe patterns found in animals by engineering synthetic gene networks

Laying the groundwork for data-driven scienceLaying the groundwork for data-driven science

Nature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologiesNature's designs inspire research into new light-based technologies

Missing piece found to help solve concussion puzzleMissing piece found to help solve concussion puzzle

Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'Biologists delay the aging process by 'remote control'

Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economyGeography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy

Identified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonationIdentified for the first time what kind of explosive has been used after the detonation

Copied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithmsCopied from nature: Detecting software errors via genetic algorithms

Parenting Bulletin - December 2011 Archives

Young children understand the benefits of positive thinking (12/31/2011)

A study of 90 children ages 5-10 shows that even kindergarteners know that thinking positively will make you feel better. And parents' own feelings of optimism may play a role in whether their children understand how thoughts influence emotions. The researchers gathered their data using illustrated stories that were read to the children, which the children then responded to, and through parent surveys. ...> Full Article

Babies remember even as they seem to forget (12/31/2011)

Babies may not remember what they saw, but they remember that they saw something. ...> Full Article

How moms talk influences children?s perspective-taking ability (12/30/2011)

This two-year longitudinal study involved more than 120 Australian children between the ages of 4 and 6 at the start of the study. Through tasks that the children completed and through mother reports, the researchers found that young children whose mothers talk with them more frequently and in more detail about people's thoughts and feelings tend to be better at taking another's perspective than other children of the same age. ...> Full Article

Breastfeeding promotes healthy growth (12/30/2011)

A PhD project from LIFE - the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Copenhagen has shown that breastfed children follow a different growth pattern than non-breastfed children. Breastfeeding lowers the levels of the growth hormones IGF-I and insulin in the blood, which means that growth is slightly slower. This is believed to reduce the risk of overweight and diabetes later in life. ...> Full Article

Group sex among adolescents a public health concern, new study says (12/29/2011)

One in 13 teenage girls, aged 14 to 20, reported having a group-sex experience, with those young women more likely to have been exposed to pornography and childhood sexual abuse than their peers, according to a new study led by a Boston University School of Public Health researcher. ...> Full Article

Midwives use rituals to send message that women's bodies know best (12/28/2011)

In reaction to what midwives view as the overly medicalized way hospitals deliver babies, they have created birthing rituals to send the message that women's bodies know best. ...> Full Article

Study reveals gender bias of prospective parents (12/27/2011)

A Queen's University study has found that when people think about having children, men want boys and women want girls. ...> Full Article

Young adults drop exercise with move to college or university (12/26/2011)

Regular exercise tends to steeply decline among youth as they move to university or college, and does not appear to revert itself, but continues on a downward trajectory into adulthood ...> Full Article

Pregnant women advised to stay cool for baby's sake (12/25/2011)

Queensland University of Technology world-first research has found a link between increases in temperature and the incidence of stillbirth and shorter pregnancies.Associate Professor Adrian Barnett of QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation led a study that looked at the incidence of still and premature births in Brisbane over a four-year period from 2005.Professor Barnett said a total of 101,870 births were recorded throughout the period and of these 653 or 0.6 percent were stillbirths. ...> Full Article

Working moms feel better than stay-at-home moms, study finds (12/24/2011)

Mothers with jobs tend to be healthier and happier than moms who stay at home during their children's infancy and preschool years, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association. ...> Full Article

Ready-to-bake cookie dough not ready-to-eat, study of E. coli outbreak finds (12/23/2011)

The investigation of a 2009 multistate outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli, an important cause of bacterial gastrointestinal illness, led to a new culprit: ready-to-bake commercial prepackaged cookie dough. Published in Clinical Infectious Diseases and available online, a new report describing the outbreak offers recommendations for prevention, including a stronger message for consumers: don't eat prepackaged cookie dough before it's baked. ...> Full Article

Teens choose water when calorie count of sugary beverages is easier to understand (12/22/2011)

Providing easily understandable caloric information, specifically in the form of a physical activity equivalent, may reduce the likelihood of sugar-sweetened beverage purchases among adolescents by as much as half ...> Full Article

Baby lab reveals surprisingly early gift of gab (12/22/2011)

New research from the University of Notre Dame shows that during the first year of life, when babies spend so much time listening to language, they're actually tracking word patterns that will support their process of word- learning that occurs between the ages of about 18 months and two years. ...> Full Article

Premature babies harbor fewer, but more dangerous microbe types (12/21/2011)

One of the most comprehensive studies to date of the microbes that are found in extremely low-birthweight infants found that hard-to-treat Candida fungus is often present, as well as some harmful bacteria and parasites. ...> Full Article

Risk of stillbirth associated with factors known early in pregnancy (12/21/2011)

Stillbirth is associated with a range of health and socio-demographic factors identifiable before or at the start of pregnancy, including prior pregnancy outcomes, ethnicity and modifiable health factors, such as diabetes, obesity and smoking. These findings are the result of the largest population-based stillbirth study and are reported in the Dec. 14 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. ...> Full Article

3-year study identifies key interventions to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths (12/21/2011)

Some 56 evidence-based interventions will sharply reduce the 358,000 women who still die each year during pregnancy and childbirth and the 7.6 million children who die before the age of 5, according to a massive three-year global study. ...> Full Article

Mothers' weight before and during pregnancy affects baby's weight (12/20/2011)

A new study published in the journal Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica reveals that both pre-pregnant weight (body mass index) and weight gain in pregnancy are important predictors of babies' birthweight. This is important since high birthweight may also predict adult overweight. ...> Full Article

Steroids increase viability of preemies as young as 22 weeks (12/20/2011)

Giving antenatal corticosteroids in extremely preterm infants -- those born between 22 and 25 weeks gestation and weighing less than two pounds -- is associated with significant reductions in death and long-term complications such as neurodevelopmental impairments, including cerebral palsy, poor motor skills and lower intelligence. ...> Full Article

A mother's touch may protect against drug cravings later (12/19/2011)

An attentive, nurturing mother may be able to help her children better resist the temptations of drug use later in life, according to a study in rats conducted by Duke University and the University of Adelaide in Australia. ...> Full Article

Child abuse changes the brain (12/18/2011)

When children have been exposed to family violence, their brains become increasingly "tuned" for processing possible sources of threat, a new study reports. The findings, reported in the Dec. 6th issue of Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, reveal the same pattern of brain activity in these children as seen previously in soldiers exposed to combat. ...> Full Article

Memory and attention problems may follow preemies into adulthood (12/17/2011)

Babies born at a very low birth weight are more likely to have memory and attention problems when they become adults than babies born at a low to normal weight, according to a study published in the Dec. 6, 2011, print issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. ...> Full Article

Parents' views sought on childhood obesity risk (12/16/2011)

A new website has been launched to help raise awareness of work being done in the East Midlands region of the UK to tackle childhood obesity and to seek the views of parents and healthcare professionals. ...> Full Article

Mothers are not reaching breastfeeding goals -- what needs to change? (12/15/2011)

Mothers are not reaching breastfeeding goals -- what needs to change?More mothers are breastfeeding their newborns, but for too short a duration to gain the maximum benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and infants. New observations and a variety of strategies for encouraging women to breastfeed longer are presented in a collection of articles in Breastfeeding Medicine. ...> Full Article

Stress in early pregnancy can lead to shorter pregnancies, more pre-term births and fewer baby boys (12/15/2011)

Stress in the second and third months of pregnancy can shorten pregnancies, increase the risk of pre-term births and may affect the ratio of boys to girls being born, leading to a decline in male babies. These are the conclusions of a study, published in Human Reproduction journal, that investigated the effect on pregnant women of the stress caused by the 2005 Tarapaca earthquake in Chile. ...> Full Article

Kids born just a few weeks early at risk of behavioral problems (12/14/2011)

Children born just a few weeks too early are significantly more likely to have behavioural and/or emotional problems in the pre-school years, suggests research published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. ...> Full Article

Baby see, baby do? (12/13/2011)

Babies love to imitate. Ask any parent and they'll report how infants mimic sounds, facial expressions and actions they observe. Now new research from Concordia University, published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development, has found that infants can even differentiate between credible and un-credible sources. Simply put, most babies won't follow along if they have been previously tricked by an adult. ...> Full Article

Orphaned children exhibit genetic changes that require nurturing parents (12/12/2011)

Orphaned children exhibit genetic changes that require nurturing parentsChildren who experience the stress of separation at birth from biological parents and are brought up in orphanages undergo biological consequences such as changes in their genome functioning, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in a new study. ...> Full Article

Concerns about teen sexting overblown, according to new research (12/11/2011)

Two new studies from the University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children Research Center suggest that concerns about teen "sexting" may be overblown. One study found the percentage of youth who send nude pictures of themselves that would qualify as child pornography is very low. The other found that when teen sexting images do come to police attention, few youth are being arrested or treated like sex offenders. ...> Full Article

When babies awake: New study shows surprise regarding important hormone level (12/10/2011)

Cortisol may be the Swiss Army knife of hormones in the human body -- just when scientists think they understand what it does, another function pops up. While many of these functions are understood for adults, much less is known about how cortisol operates in babies and toddlers, especially when it comes to an important phenomenon called the cortisol awakening response, or CAR. ...> Full Article

Bitter sensitive children eat more vegetables with help of dip (12/9/2011)

Close to 70 percent of children have a sensitivity to bitter tasting foods, and that can cause them to avoid many of the leafy, green vegetables they should be eating for healthy development. But new research has found that adding a small amount of dip can help children with this sensitivity eat more of their vegetables. ...> Full Article

Few parents recall being told by doctors that their child is overweight (12/9/2011)

Few parents recall being told by doctors that their child is overweightA study by UNC researchers finds that among parents of overweight children, less than 25 percent recall ever being told by a doctor or other health care provider that their child is overweight. ...> Full Article

Study: Working moms multitask more and have worse time doing so than dads (12/8/2011)

Not only are working mothers multitasking more frequently than working fathers, but their multitasking experience is more negative as well, according to a new study in the December issue of the American Sociological Review. ...> Full Article

Language may be dominant social marker for young children (12/7/2011)

Language may be dominant social marker for young childrenChildren's reasoning about language and race can take unexpected turns, according to University of Chicago researchers, who found that for younger white children in particular, language can loom larger than race in defining a person's identity. ...> Full Article

Research examines home births -- then and now (12/6/2011)

University of Cincinnati history research examines trends in US home births in the 1970s and paints a portrait of home-birth activists of the era -- activists who represented a broad cross section of society. This research will be presented at a Dec. 6-7 conference in England. ...> Full Article

Crash experts find car seats protect overweight kids, too (12/5/2011)

Researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Center for Injury Research and Prevention found no evidence of increased injury risk among crash-involved children across a broad weight range, when they were properly restrained in the correct child safety seat or booster seat for their height and weight. ...> Full Article

Designs new handle to make lifting infant car seats safer, easier (12/4/2011)

Designs new handle to make lifting infant car seats safer, easierEngineers at North Carolina State University have developed a new handle for infant car seats that makes it easier for parents to lift the seat out of a car -- while retaining a firmer grip on the handle -- making it less likely that the seat will be dropped. ...> Full Article

Seeking to be the 'perfect parent' not always good for new moms and dads (12/3/2011)

Parents of newborns show poorer adjustment to their new role if they believe society expects them to be "perfect" moms and dads, a new study shows. Moms showed less confidence in their parenting abilities and dads felt more stress when they were more worried about what other people thought about their parenting skills. ...> Full Article

Kindergarten friendships matter, especially for boys (12/2/2011)

High-quality friendships in kindergarten may mean that boys will have fewer behavior problems and better social skills in first and third grades, said Nancy McElwain, a University of Illinois associate professor of human development. "Overall, teachers reported that girls in the first and third grade had good social skills, regardless of the quality of their kindergarten friendships," said Jennifer Engle, lead author of the study. "Boys, on the other hand, clearly benefited from the good start that early high-quality friendships provide." ...> Full Article

Daily wheezing treatment no different from intermittent in toddlers (12/1/2011)

Pediatricians often treat young children who have frequent bouts of wheezing with a daily dose of an inhaled steroid to keep asthma symptoms at bay. But results of a recent study are likely to change that. ...> Full Article

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Why don't children belong to the clean plate club?Why don't children belong to the clean plate club?

New study examines the effect of timing of folic acid supplementation during pregnancy

Full-day preschool linked with increased school readiness compared with part-day

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